Not a New Year’s Resolution

I think it’s late enough in January that this won’t count as a New Year’s resolution thing, right? I don’t believe in them, because it feels like just setting myself up for failure and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. I do like the idea of having a clean slate, a blank canvas, a new calendar year to fill with achievements and ticked-off to do lists and markers of personal growth… but that’s just not how I function. So even though it’s January, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution blog. It’s just a blog. In January.

Student-Hannah had some big ideas, and I haven’t totally lived up to her expectations; her dreams about being a high-flying or possibly only mildly internet-famous designer, her dreams about simply being a productive, confident grown-up. I am so lucky and grateful that I have a steady job and can consistently pay my bills and have some expendable income, but I’m not doing anything even remotely related to my degree. It’s tough and it kind of sucks, and it sort of becomes my go-to self-deprecating punchline – yeah, well, I went to art school so… shrug. But the more time passes the more I crave creativity and I do think I could design and make things that are actually worth the time and money that would be invested into them.

So I suppose that’s what this totally-not-a-New-Year’s-resolution blog is about. I’m not a blogger, but I guess I could blog some things.